The Appeal

The Yorkshire Cancer Centre Appeal, part of the Leeds Teaching Hospitals Charitable Foundation, is the fundraising arm of Leeds Cancer Centre at St James's Institute of Oncology (pictured left) and provides supplementary benefits; specialist medical equipment, research and development and patient ‘home comforts’.

Each day, the Institute has responsibility for treating 2,000 patients (from a catchment population of 2.6 million), most of whom will have had a cancer diagnosis.

Our appeal aims to supplement NHS budgets by purchasing those ‘extras’ to help ensure that our patients continue to receive the very best that this centre can provide.

A £10 million appeal was launched in 2007 immediately prior to the relocation of Oncology services to Bexley Wing, a target which was met in June 2016. The four stranded appeal was set up to provide funding towards specialist medical equipment, scientific research & development, patient ‘home comforts’ and arts and gardens projects. You can read more about the four strands of our appeal here.

To view our £10 Million Appeal Celebration video, and see just some of the ways in which the YCC has supported the Bexley Wing and the 2,000 patients treated at Leeds Cancer Centre every day, click here.

We're planning for the next ten years - aiming even higher, developing research and treatments to ensure more people survive cancer through prevention, early detection and diagnosis, treatment and aftercare.

With your help we can improve cancer outcomes for patients throughout Yorkshire as we continue to challenge this indiscriminate disease that still affects one in three lives in the UK.

NanoKnife Appeal

We’re delighted to have reached anther fundraising milestone in 2016 - our £160k target to purchase a NanoKnife for patients at the cancer centre. We had the opportunity to thank our major donors last night when they attended a celebration event in Bexley Wing.

The NanoKnife offers an alternative treatment for tumours when surgery and radiotherapy are not possible. The Nanoknife is used to destroy inoperable tumours in the lungs, kidney, breast, prostate and pancreas. The revolutionary procedure uses special needles to fire electrical pulses into the cancer cell walls, destroying tumours. The treatment is non-invasive and patients experience few or no side effects and are able to leave hospital the next day.

Funding for the NanoKnife means we can continue to carry out life-saving procedures on a range of cancer patients. Dr Tze Wah, Consultant Interventional Radiologist leads the team in Leeds, which have already performed 27 life-saving procedures on patients with kidney, liver and pancreatic cancers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our donors and fundraisers for their support. Much of the money was raised through the YCC Ball and generous donations from Caravan Guard, Halifax; John Cotton Group, Mirfield; Wah Kwong Chinese Association; The Biswas Foundation and the John Hainsworth Bates Charitable Trust and Timothy Cavill.

Have a look at our Facebook page for more photos from a lovely evening in Bexley Wing Atrium.

Leeds Cancer Centre


The eleven storey landmark building which cost £220 million was funded through the Private Finance Initiative (PFI*). It is one of the largest schemes for this part of Leeds for over a generation and the largest cancer centre in Europe.

This regional facility includes diagnostic and therapeutic services for non-surgical oncology and certain specialist surgical services; it replaces and enhances existing cancer treatment services previously undertaken at Cookridge Hospital. The Yorkshire Cancer Centre Appeal based in Bexley Wing was launched to replace the Cookridge Cancer Appeal and help support the world-class Leeds Cancer Centre.

Key researchers and practitioners in the field of cancer across the UK provide high quality cancer care by developing and maximising leading edge science, research and technology within this state-of-the-art building.

The Yorkshire Cancer Centre Appeal, the cancer medicine research centre (Cancer Research UK) and the NHS National Cancer Research Network play key roles in this building.

The Leeds Cancer Centre provides the following services, with support from the Yorkshire Cancer Centre appeal:

  • All non-surgical cancer services such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment Haematology services
  • A range of specialist surgical services (oesophageal cancer/gastric cancer/pancreatic disease/thoracic surgery and hepatic cancer)
  • Intensive care and high dependency unit services
  • Laboratory facilities
  • Modern nuclear medicine including gamma camera scanners and PET scanners
  • Large radiology department including 2 MRI scanners and 3 CT scanners
  • A Young Adult cancer unit supported by the Teenage Cancer Trust
  • Over 370 inpatient beds, day case beds
  • A wide range of cancer support departments
*PFI - (Private Finance Initiative) private investment funds the design, building, financing and operation of the buildings
under a 30 year concession after which the assets revert to the NHS Trust as a gift.