How Your Donations Are Used

Yorkshire Cancer Centre Appeal helps funs four main strands within Leeds Cancer Centre:


Specialist Medical Equipment

Two new research Linear accelerators (Linac’s) have now been purchased from the Yorkshire Cancer Centre Appeal Fund. (These machines are most commonly used for external beam radiation treatments for patients with cancer.)

St James’s Institute of Oncology now has twelve fully-functioning Linacs and the two machines designated specifically for research & development are already in constant use and providing benefits to patients involved in research projects within Bexley Wing.


Scientific Research & Development

Funding has recently been secured for this strand of our appeal. The Audrey & Stanley Burton Trust Chair in Clinical Oncology & Health Research Radiotherapy has now been appointed.

This research will attract leading scientists from across the world; knowledge will be gleaned and shared with our world partners in radiotherapy research; we will fulfill our commitment to excellence by supporting this world-class institute where tomorrow’s leaders in cancer research will harness the huge applied research potential of St James’s Institute of Oncology, Bexley Wing; the contribution to clinical & applied research in Leeds will be a reflection of successful joint working between Leeds Teaching Hospitals and the University of Leeds.

Home comforts  

Patient ‘Home Comforts’

£300k has now been spent on patient ‘home comforts’ since the commencement of our appeal.

A hospital stay for most people can be a daunting experience - for patients with cancer it is all the more frightening. Patients may spend many hours and days either as an inpatient on a ward or in the Radiotherapy department receiving treatment on a daily basis. With ‘Home comforts’ we work closely with wards and departments to determine patients’ needs during their time in Bexley Wing. For example, a rise-recliner chair can offer better comfort, support and flexibility than a regular chair or a ward may need additional medical equipment that will expedite treatment and thereby alleviate stress and anxiety for the patient.

We hope to continue to invest in patient home comforts for the foreseeable future and certainly beyond our current £10m appeal.


Arts & Gardens Projects

Our commitment to support the arts and gardens projects in St James’s Institute of Oncology has been fulfilled with £0.5m now invested in artwork throughout the wing. These enriching displays offer colour, tranquility and comfort in an otherwise traditional institutional setting.

Corridors and waiting areas which would otherwise seem clinical and austere are now greatly enhanced by various works of art that add a welcoming, relaxed and cheerful aspect to many areas throughout the building. Several displays have been created by the region’s best known artists.

The gardens have been cleverly designed to re-create a harmonious haven in two areas of the hospital, allowing a refuge and a little fresh air when patients are in need of a break from the ward.

For more information about what's going on with the Arts and Gardens Project, click here.