MRi Sim

Leeds Cancer Centre has established itself internationally as among the foremost in clinical innovation and expertise in oncology, supported significantly through its technological prowess. Access to this technology is in no small part due to the efforts of fundraising in all its forms by the Yorkshire Cancer Centre from its supporters and Charitable Trustees.

The passion of our clinicians and researchers for getting the best care for patients drives a continuous dialogue on what state-of-the art medical technologies are just over the horizon. The greatest need for cancer patients in Leeds is currently in keeping abreast with the radiotherapy service. A capital appeal to fund an MRi Simulator for specific use in the Radiotherapy Department has now been launched.

500 patients a day receive radiotherapy treatment on Level -2, Bexley Wing where there are currently 12 Linear Accelerators delivering an excellent on-going radiotherapy service for patients throughout Yorkshire. Two of these machines, purchased through the YCC appeal, are used specifically for research by the team that was also funded from appeal income. The continuation of YCC funding to further promote radiotherapy services at the Cancer Centre is both advisable and desirable as it cements an existing close partnership with radiotherapy staff and patients.

Radiotherapy for treating cancer has been around for the best part of a century and during this time, the technology has evolved beyond recognition – radiotherapy is now a truly cutting-edge cancer treatment.

For more information on the MRI Simulator, download a leaflet here.