In Memoriam

If you have lost a loved one, a donation to Yorkshire Cancer Centre can help you make a lasting tribute to their memory by contributing to one of our many projects.

There are different ways that you can donate in memory:

Request donations in lieu of flowers

Often funeral directors may be able to help by collecting and forwarding donations on your behalf. Alternatively you can send a cheque directly to our Fundraising Office at the address below or contact us on 0113 206 8620 to make a donation by credit / debit card.

You can ask friends or relatives to send donations directly to us at the address below in your loved ones name. If you contact us to let us know the name of the friend or family member you are collecting in memory of we will acknowledge all donations received to you.


you can make a one off donation through Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving.

Donate through Just Giving Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Set up an In Memoriam online donation webpage

You can set up a fundraising page on JustGiving by clicking on the link below.
By setting up a page, family and friends can donate quickly and easily by credit or debit card,
wherever they are in the world.

Donate through Just Giving