Our branding is very important to us.

Your support in purchasing our Yorkshire Cancer Centre Appeal merchandise will not only increase our income, it will also help to highlight our campaign and various fundraising activities. Above all, it will directly benefit our cancer patients.

You can wear your Yorkshire Cancer Centre T-shirt with pride! Why not take advantage of our special offer and team it up with a baseball cap? Our technical T-shirts and vests are lightweight and comfy - a great way to promote YCC while out running, walking or cycling. As well as clothing, we also sell YCC-branded coasters, keyrings, lanyards and pens.

You can purchase any item from our Charity Shop on Level 0, (Mon - Fri: Opening hours vary) Bexley Wing, or you can telephone our Fundraising Office 0113 206 8620/68444 to pay by phone and we will happily post the items to you. Postage and packing is free but a donation to cover costs would be appreciated.


DEAL: Cap & T-Shirt

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Baseball Cap

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Technical Running Vest

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Technical Running T-Shirt

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YCC T-Shirt

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Lanyard (Yo-Yo)

Pass holder not included.

Lanyard (Neck)

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Stationery & Miscellaneous






The Other Side - Kate Granger

A true story of one doctor's journey as a patient coming to terms with a terminal cancer diagnosis. The hope is that by reading it healthcare professionals will be better able understand exactly what being the patient is really like and how their behaviours, no matter how small can impact massively on the people they look after. It is also a story of personal battles with control, learning how and when to relinquish this.

The Bright Side - Kate Granger

The Bright Side tells the on-going story of a young doctor who is living with a rare and aggressive type of sarcoma that will end her life prematurely. It explores her return to work after a prolonged period of absence, her innermost thoughts and reflections about dying and her continuing interactions with health services. It also portrays her determined attitude to maintain positivity despite her tragic circumstances and her openness about dying.

Rag-Oyle Town Family - Brian Hirst

Former patient Brian Hirst has written two very funny and moving memoirs of life in Batley, West Yorkshire between 1912 and 2010. ‘Rag-Oyle Town Family’ and ‘I Can See You But You Can’t See Me’ were written on retirement, following a long and enjoyable career in teaching.

I Can See You But You Can't See Me - Brian Hirst

In his second memoir, Brian tells the story of his own inner and outer lives, from his first memories in the 1950s to September 1965 when he left his home town of Batley to begin teacher training.

JD's Positivity Recipes For Life - Jacqui Drake

£7.00 (2 for £10)
Jacqui Drake's latest venture is the "JD's Positivity Recipes for Life" Cookbook. The publication of the book has been sponsored by Norpak, Weber and wonderful supporters who donated their favourite family recipes - 90 in total! The cost of the book is just £7 each or two for £10. All proceeds will go to Jacqui's Million for YCC!

Family Favourites - Sue Iveson

During her battle with cancer, Sue Iveson realised that many wonderful charities are there to help patients on their journey. Proceeds from the recipe book help to support Sarcoma UK, Yorkshire Cancer Centre, Herriott Hospice and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Terminal One - Michael J Freeman

Michael was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2009. Dealing with that was difficult enough, but in 2013 he developed another lump in his throat. Because of an ongoing heart problem it seemed that effective diagnosis and treatment of the the tumour would be impossible… TERMINAL ONE is the story of how he and Carole faced up to that situation.